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Monday, 13 July 2009


A saturday spent at Sentosa + a meal at Marche's to celebrate Tim's birthday was a great way to pass the weekend.

The tanning session wasn't too good for some of them, turning them into human lobsters. We have the shy and the really shy. Guys not willing to take the top off...girls not knowing if they should strip down to tan...this is the 21th century.

Not the 1980s man haha. Just need 1 person to start the ball rolling anyway.

Food was good at Marche too, alittle on the high side but nevertheless, good to eat! To top it off, the rain made the ambience even better and the crowd of us sure liven up the night.

Lobsters, don't forget the cooling lotion and moisturizers like banana boat's alovera gel.

Some pics are up on facebook. Check it out!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


My last overseas business trip - Manila.

Food is good and cheap. Couldn't be better.

Some differences between Philippines and Singapore-

People in the Philippines are warm and friendly (esp when you need help) compared to Singaporeans (cold and unfriendly, well majority are..)

Safety in the Philippines cannot be compared to Singapore. You can't walk on the streets at night or in the day if you look like a foreigner. You'll be robbed with a gun or knife.

Japanese food in the Philippines is really tasty and cheap compared to SG again.

Drivers in Singapore are not as good as Philippines'. Should see the way they drive in jams...1 lane squeeze 2 cars mirror to mirror.

Our currency makes stuff cheaper in the Philippines!

Besides all the comparison, it's time to move on with life and leave behind this job that requires quite alot of flying. Sure it sounds and looks fun, but it is quite taxing and hectic too. At least I collect miles points, got to see some countries and their cities.

Next stage of life: UOL.

My chance at redemption! So called to speak. Get in there and give it MY ALL!
Oh SIM has great food too! Especially the Mega Bites Cafe! Cheap and big servings.

Campus life again. That means...time to hunt for a part time job...!...to supplement my expediture. No more modding car, no more restaurant dinners, no more guitar stuff shopping, no more credit card collections.

Ah, just for 3 years. Gonna make it worth it.

God be my Guide.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

help desk 

I did be delighted to get my reply from UOL, stating I'm accepted, BUT... looks like it's just SLJ ( short lived joy). I'm gonna have to find a way to cough up 4.5K or so to settle my place in the uni...

Where on earth are we gonna get 8.8K for 1st year, 7.8K for 2nd and another 7.8K for 3rd year???

Exam fees ain't cheap. They are in pounds...POUNDS, not USD, not euro dollar, let alot ringget.

Well, God you said, that I am to trust you. . . and that You are my provider and will provide for me everything. Given me the slot in the uni, I'm sure there has to be a way to solve this rising issue before dateline.

Call it a desperation prayer. Sometimes our life's destiny is controlled by something and not us. Does feel bad that I don't grow a money tree in the house. I would have set up a whole freaking 100 acres of plantation if money could be grown on trees.

Hello destiny, hello future; I control you both.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Recent updates (It's all cars, beware!) 

The rings are back!

I'll let the pics do the talking.
Jam In JB

I was stuck like for an hour...crawling...slowly...

An interesting view don't you all agree??? Check out the butterfly on my screen! This is taken also in Malaysia, Pasir Gudang. See the traffic lights!

At Defu Lane

Check out the Honda Integra.

Honda Euro R with a reinforced engine. Wonder why???

The owner wants her turbocharged up. 2.4 L of raw HP not enough...

The Big O Muffler of the Integra.

I was talking a scroll under the Integra anyway.

Just another day out and I came across a red Evo 9. Kinda love the vinyls.

Who says Evos ain't pretty? They are pretty loud and pretty fast with a loud whistling sound that marks a turbo sitting in the engine bay. Just the kind of car I will consider getting.

And those BIG wings. I believe it can fly.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Mum I wan a Koenigsegg! 

Mum and Dad, I want a Koenigsegg CCX for my birthday! Or christmas haha!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

20 May 2009 

With my university application settled and the waiting game on my list, I have to make do with my remaining time to learn as much as I can during my free time. Learn anything, everything that I can.

With the guitar lesson started again, help has helped me to break through the wall that hindered my growth.
So who's up for tasting? I'm gonna try cook something some time soon. Maybe this saturday if I don't need to bring the car down to swap out bearings.

When's jamming coming back!!!??? Hands and legs are itchy! Unscratchable, intolerable.

Kkkk, I'm done blabbering!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Workshop night 

One night at the workshop and you could pick up quite a few more tips on tech stuff! Not for the girls of course. They wouldn't want to put their beautiful manicure to waste and get engine grease under the nails.
I would say its a Honda equipped workshop. A couple of type r engines lying around, oil coolers, bearings, hoses, bolts, rims, u name it, and lastly, a stripped down EG6 jacked up at the workshop.
Why is it up on the arms? From my cousin, I heard the car got into a serious accident, front was dented and the wheel crushed and bent the knuckle arm and drive shaft right out of place on the left side. See that thing sticking out?

Some of the B20As sitting around here. Wonderful engine that I did swap a B16A, B16B for it.

Cos it belongs to a TYPE-R. Such engines are found only in the Rs. Hence the red engine cover.

An old merc on the left, the Mazda 3 on the right, and further ahead of the Mazda 3 is a red Evo X.

What an antique! I only know of one person who still drives an old Merc like this...haha...and this one is in better condition than his!

There you go, that's the REAL thing sitting inside, the Evo X. It is own by my cousin's friend. Seems like most Civic owners upgraded from their VTEC rides to a TC 1. (Turbo charged)
Maybe I will go that path too, but not until I had my fill of the NA rides.
I am a car freak and I still think those who own a car, drive a car, but know nuts about your car sure don't have a love for it. Good to know at least how to change your tires....!

Friday, 8 May 2009

hello chaos 

Hello to all my new headaches and brain space consumers. Gonna down one by one of them at a time. (of course, I need to call upon the help of the Almighty)
I need a map: To plan my moves.
I need a compass: For directional sake of course! I got too many possible avenues and paths.
I need equipment: Stuff that are essential or will aid you in this endeavor.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


So there goes the Simota, sitting inside the engine bay.

Disconnect the sensor and put out the Simota carbon charger.

What you probably get when you're suppose to install the simota into the car. CAI tube, rings, breather, mandrel pipes, rachet...etc!

The CAI sure looks weird haha. It can stretch really long. 1m.

This thing produces quite a mean sound. Loud air rushing sound with a deep growl!

Sure is fun to kit and dekit haha. Let's just say you need to have the passion or else it's gonna be NOT-FUN. Experimenting, it's a guy's thing.

Well, now the stock intake and MAF sensor holdings are back in place, but it's not entirely stock haha. The CAI runs from the front of the stock intake to the bottom front of the car. What more to take the cold air up. Sure is more quiet with the stock back on.
I'm gonna find a way to prevent the growl from getting into the cabin. Sound proofing...creating my own airbox...haha...I have the time to think and make it now.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Live Life Love

Here comes the Monday blues...
Shouldn't say that.

Here comes the Monday greens! (with enthusiasm)

If it isn't about the job, the car, the future, the person of your dreams, I can't really find a reason to live making a living everyday, except to live.

The investments (be it stocks, shares, friends), the risk, the irony of life, takes quite a toll on our lifes. Wonder why some people die early? Ok, that is not backed up by facts haha.

No matter what, my interest always gets the better of me. A stunning Veilsports rx-8, mugen civic type r, mitsu evo 9 MR. Wouldn't wanna appreciate the continential cars yet. We're still young. (Japanese over continental)

Those who disagree, too bad for you. We have different perspectives.

Now which path on a crossroad should I take??? Give me a car 1st, then I can try out all of them and U-turn if I don't like it. (A good car plz...not some QQ, KIA....a ten second car...)

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Great Videos! 

Taylor Swift's Love Story

Mix Coldplay's Viva La Vida

Republic Poly's VISA advert...

Neyo's Time (Piano)

Chromatic Timeline. 

27th April: White mazda 3HB with full bodykit.

28th April: Freaking Ugly Singaporeans.

Don't know how to give way. A failure in out education system, especially in the areas of courtesy. Fire someone plz.

28th April: Installation of Simota carbon charger at 1030pm.

Looks messy from this point of view.

Huge filter and rubber tubing like an elephant's trunk. Gives a mean growl with a significant increase in HP by 10 or so. Mid end increased.

29th April: At Silent workshop, poisoned by a toxic Nissan Silvia S15 widebody with CAI!

29th April: On the road, caught sight of a Mitsubishi FTO. Rare vintage 2.0L sports car.

In the same day, I saw a different FTO, black but without a badge in between the rear lights along Lornie Road. 40-50K for a car more than 13 years old anyone???

Damn cool butt. Ain't in production anymore. What a pity.

29th April: Along bishan J8 towards Lornie, a Mazda 323 Astina in prime condition!
Driven by: A female driver.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Hokkien Drift 

Thursday, 23 April 2009

My Wish List! 

I want, I want, I want!
1st on the list:
Honda Civic EG6
Must be:
Pearl white
Must get:
Red Recaro Racing Bucket Seats
JDM Bodykit with lip
Simota Fat Tummy
Cosmic blue EG6
Gold 16inch rims.
2nd on the list:
Fender Stratocaster USA made

I pray I be blessed with the ability to get these or be blessed by someone with these!

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